Welcome to Koreastuck, a cosplay group based in South Korea. Our cosplays consist mostly of Homestuck, but includes other fandoms as well.
We also run a blog called KoreaStuck Shenanigans, where we post a bunch of silly stuff! It's linked over to the side!
cosplayers wanna ask?
Shenanigans blog

Miyotora: Long time no see~~~ our members haven’t been so active on cosplaying prob due to school and personal life..i was busy as well but im here now! This is me ad meulin at the recent march con at comicworld! I met new ppl and such it was pretty awesome!!

So guys!! I, Romaheroic, am getting new glasses but I don’t know what type of frame to get so, I figured I would let you guys help me pick, if you would like send an ask telling which kind you think I should get!

spacefille says: I am an active Homestuck cosplayer moving to Korea in two weeks to teach English. I was going to leave my cosplay at home but this blog gives me hope that I can cosplay over there. Is it feasible to cosplay homestuck with you guys? Do you have other English Teachers who are cosplayers?

We’d love to meet any fellow homestucks and introduce you to korea! Although our group ranges in ages most of us are still students. 


We mostly cosplay at a small con in Seoul called Comic World, so it’s totally feasible to cosplay Homestuck and other fandoms here. We look forward to your arrival ^^


Cosplayer OmniPotato Appreciation Post! 

Happy new years from korea



We are playing games together! You guys should join! :D
We will be playing mainly minecraft.! I hope you guys will be joining, we would love to meet you! ths is our first time using twitch so it may be a little weird. Thanks guys! Your the best! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!


tribalstuck make-up disciple cosplay~ gonna do it on the 24th photoshoot with daez and her crew (shes going to be tribalstuck signless <33)

i made some improvision to the original design ==>

So on our other blog, KoreaStuckShenanigans, we have a school AU going on and these are the official character designs as of right now!

We’re TinyChatting if any of you cuties wanna join us, ask us questions, talk, joke around ya know Miyotora will be there we just don’t have her in the pic!. [Link]

Shingeki no Casual (closet cosplay)

Mikasa Ackerman

Eren Jaeger

Christa Renz