Welcome to Koreastuck, a cosplay group based in South Korea. Our cosplays consist mostly of Homestuck, but includes other fandoms as well.
We also run a blog called KoreaStuck Shenanigans, where we post a bunch of silly stuff! It's linked over to the side!
cosplayers wanna ask?
Shenanigans blog



Livestreaming! Lets go!! :D
my friends are here making fools of them selves.
I might be takeing request for a little bit cause I’m practicing a new style!
Style example that I drew for a friend can be seen above!

Anonymous says: When is the next con in South Korea?

July 19-20, I think the only Koreastuck member going to it is Miyotora, a lot of us have moved to the US because of the military and will do our best to attend cons over here, this is also why we have not been posting recently.
Miyotora looks something like this if you would like to meet her, other pictures can be found on the blog!

new background!

Guys!! There is something new and Cool!!


We haven’t been updating lately be cause we have been working on something, we’ve been planning for a while that we just started to working on, on a more professional level! Us at KoreaStuck are working with the peeps of HotLlamaGaming to make a game as a group called KoreLlama! It will take a long time but we will update or progress regularly, and we have commissions open for some pictures from RomaHeroic and some of the others, message us if you are interested! Thank you!
 You can find us at KoreLlama.Tumblr.com!!

Bro, Quantum Physics is cool don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! -pause- Sorry I just vomited a little on the inside, due to saying that.
Renea Loli G. (via koreastuckshenanigans)



We are KoreLlama, A mix of KoreaStuck and HotLlamaProdutions! We are working together on multiple projects such as an RPG Game, many purchasable products such as bags and shirts, Art Commissions, and many other things! We hope you guys will be looking forward to these things!

Hey guys even though we’re just starting out and there’s not much content on this blog atm I definitely encourage you to consider following not just to support me (although that’s also a hella good reason to <3) but also because we have many ideas in store and our future projects may seem appealing to those of you that like indie games and/or cheap amateur-designed products ^^ Thanks!

People in the horror movies don’t get their arms chopped of in a chase an say ‘Whoops I glitched’ your doing this all wrong Nikki.
Mark while playing animal crossing


I edited this picture, in dedication to our inactiveness. We are sorry about the lack of posts! We aren’t gone or anything, we are just busy with school, and a lot of us are moving around world! When this is all settled we will make an update post for you guys, telling you whats up!

Miyotora: Long time no see~~~ our members haven’t been so active on cosplaying prob due to school and personal life..i was busy as well but im here now! This is me ad meulin at the recent march con at comicworld! I met new ppl and such it was pretty awesome!!

So guys!! I, Romaheroic, am getting new glasses but I don’t know what type of frame to get so, I figured I would let you guys help me pick, if you would like send an ask telling which kind you think I should get!